Disney with an Infant- Mom’s Guide to conquering Disney with a baby

I’ve had a lot of people look at me in shock and awe when I tell them I took my 6 month old to Disney. It can totally be done people and you can have an amazing time! Disney is probably one of the best vacation for a family with an infant. They make it so easy to experience the magic at any stage of life.


Thankfully we had our own car that we got to put Tinley into her car seat. Disney transportation is safe enough to just have your infant on your lap though. Whether you are taking the shuttle. Monorail, boat or the busses no car seats should be required while on property.

As far as transporting your baby everywhere I am a big believer of a carrier. We wore Tinley throughout the park and it was the best decision ever! Fro Christmas last year I splurged on a new carrier for Alex. Here is the one that we will be taking back with us! Not only did we not have to lug around a stroller we were constantly hands free and knew where Tinley was at all times. This was a huge relief for me because I’m always afraid someone is going to steal her. Big bonus to wearing your baby is that you don’t have to deal with stroller parking. Trust me it’s a mess and should be avoided at all costs.

If you have multiple children and a stroller is needed I recommend a single stroller that will fit more than one child. Seriously they need to learn to like each other. Plus it’s cute to catch them cuddling. Wear the baby and put the children in the stroller. Honestly if your child is 7 or younger I would bring a stroller because every kid gets too tired to walk by the end of the magical day. They also make sit and stand strollers that would be amazing for your trip to Disney. Even though the damn says stand there’s actually a bench your mousketeer could actually sit on in the back.


Bring all of it! Actually not really just a good stock of diapers, wipes and a few snacks. I was so lucky that I was still nursing Tinley so no bottles needed. Just pop out the boob and you’re good. As for a diaper bag I recommend a backpack for sure. Either your partner or you can switch out who carries the baby or the diaper bag or you can totally do both. When it comes to parent swap (which I’ll talk about in more depth) it will be a lot easier to carry both if you do a backpack.

Don’t be surprised if your infant sweats through their clothes in the Florida heat because that’s actually really good for their development. If your infant doesn’t sweat yet just be sure to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Which in my case meant keeping myself hydrated so bring a very large water bottle and fill it often at the drinking fountains.

Don’t overstuff your diaper bag full of unnecessary toys and frankly crap you won’t need. Just stick to the basics. Take advantage of all of what Disney has to over and take a few stops inside the buildings to cool off.


I just wrote a post about how we are using our dining credits but if you aren’t using the dining plan for your trip I do have some tips when going with an infant. Number one is do a quick service or table service inside. This will give you time to cool off and will allow you to sit down for a moment or two. To guarantee a spot at the more popular restaurants go during off times. That means an early or late lunch at 11 or 2 and for dinner go around 4 pm. It’s all about planning for Disney dining so do try to make reservations as soon as you can for those must-do restaurants.

Take your time while eating and really use that time to calm down. The fast pace of the day may make your baby cranky and this time would be ideal to sneak in a nap. I had my husband get our food while I nursed Tinley to sleep. Since we had the carrier she slept on my chest while I enjoyed my tasty Disney meal. Team work is necessary for a magical day!

As for feeding your baby you can nurse anywhere in the park. Disney is breastfeeding friendly which is why I felt comfortable enough to nurse in public for the first time during our visit. If you’re not comfortable nursing in public every park has baby center with all of your baby needs. They have a nursing room that is air conditioned and totally comfortable. The baby center is also a great place to take your little one just to calm down and maybe squeeze in a nap.

If you’re not nursing then I would bring enough formula to get through the day in individual packs or containers. I have always been a fan of these bottles, they allow you to store the formula in the bottom and fill the top with the right amount of water. Your bottles can also be prepared at the baby center and you can stay to relax or go back to enjoying the park.



Disney has this awesome system called parent swap. That means you guys can wait in line together with the baby and when it’s your time to ride one can get on while the other waits with the baby. Once the other parent returns the second parents can go on the ride right away. No waiting in line again just a quick switch-a-roo. We didn’t have to do this at all because we aren’t ride people at all. It is a great feature to take advantage of though if you do love rides.

As far as other rides and attractions I recommend to do your research. Some rides your infant can actually go on with you and for those DO A FAST PASS. Trust me lines with a crying baby isn’t fun for anyone. Also some attractions are not really good for young babies. We went to Animal Kingdom and we tried The Bugs Life and it was a disaster. Not only didn’t Tinley get frightened the people next to us couldn’t speak English for us to ask them to move over. Alex actually tripped with Tinley and thankfully she was okay but it did take a while to calm her down. Nothing a quick nursing session couldn’t fix but it did put a damper on the first part of our day.

Meeting Characters

The Disney Parks app is your best friend remember that. One of the best things you can do with an infant while at Disney is photo opts with characters. Character experiences are awesome and with a little bit of planning truly magical. Keep your eye on the app’s map to see if there will be any characters near you and jump on it right away. Any character that have fast-passes get them as soon as you can too. I would personally save my fast-passes for popular rides and popular characters. I’m already counting down the days I can use our fast-pass to meet the princesses in Magic Kingdom.

Another recommendation is to do character meals if you really want that interaction. The characters come right up to your table so there’s no waiting in line. Plus there’s food so that’s always a plus. Ohana is an amazing character experience that includes Lilo and Stitch. Be prepared too for your infant to be overwhelmed by all of the chaos of meeting a character. Don’t be too upset if they don’t want to cooperate for a photo just roll with it. Most of the characters are trained in what to do with a crying baby and more than likely have fun poses to get a really memorable photo. After all the characters are trained performers in every situation and they are there to make every moment magical even a screaming baby.

Edit: Characters will NOT hold your baby! I didn’t know this until a friend on Facebook filled me in! I didn’t even notice because I am a crazy mom that is always holding the baby! 

Have you taken a baby to Dinsey? What was your experience? If I left anything out let me know in the comments below!




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