Disney Dining Plan-Making the most out of your credits

I have never gone to Disney with a dining plan so I’m kind of excited to be able to experience Disney in this way. Planning and research is the number one suggestion to make the most of your time at Disney and get your money worth out of the dining plan. The Disney Food Blog has come in handy when researching this post and most of these suggestions come directly from their videos/eBooks. This is crucial for me to plan meals and know the menus beforehand because I do have allergies and thankfully Disney is very accommodating to allergies.

So I compiled up a spreadsheet and a detailed list of what my family will be getting while in Disney. The Disney dining plan I selected you receive 1 Quick-Service Meal, 1 Table-Service Meal and 2 Snacks per night of their stay. We are going during the 2018 season so our dining plan does include alcoholic beverages but only my husband will be indulging in those I don’t really drink. If I get intrigued by a cocktail we might share one. I’m going to break it down in days and parks just so you can gauge it a little easier.

Day One- Animal Kingdom

Breakfast-Tusker House (2 Table Service Credits)

This is a must-eat restaurant! Breakfast is a character meal so of course we will want to start our vacation with a character breakfast. I like that it is an all-you-can-enjoy buffet and I will probably stuff myself of mickey waffles and bacon.

Lunch-Eight Spoon Café (2 Snack Credits)

Since we will probably full from breakfast I thought we would get a snack for lunch instead of a full meal. I chose this location because they have amazing baked mac and cheese options. The Baked Macaroni & Cheese with Pulled Pork interests me the most and that will probably be my husband’s pick as well. He will probably grab a beer with his as well.

Dinner-End Zone Court (2 Quick Service Credits)

After a long first day we are going to just eat dinner in our hotel room. I love their menu because there are a lot of pasta options that make mommy and baby happy. Thankfully the portions are huge at most quick service locations so it won’t hurt any for Tinley and I to share most of the week. Plus it will help this momma’s waistline!

Day Two- Epcot

Breakfast- Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie (2 Snack Credits)

This one will vary because everything sounds amazing and I may want to indulge in a mimosa. I love French pastries and their breakfast menu is divine! Really I just want to bring a book and be Belle for a moment or two while eating my Pain au Chocolat.

Lunch-Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (2 Table Service Credits)

So I might enjoy this meal a little more than Tinley but it is a character meal with all of the princesses! My inner Disney princess is screaming right now! I don’t even care if I can’t pronounce most of the menu I’m sure I will find something I can eat. If not oh well because I will be rubbing elbows with some of my favorite people. We are going over Tinley’s birthday so I might have to spring for a special experience during this meal.

Snack- Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (1 Snack Credit)

After lunch Alex and I decided we will share a pastry at this “Frozen” bakery. Everything in the Norway pavilion is going to be Frozen in my mind just to make it easier for Tinley to connect and to add a little more magic for all of us.

This day I don’t think we are going to do dinner just because it will be a crazy day of princesses! We will more than likely have a late lunch at Akershus and call it a day after our pastry.


Day Three- Hotels/Disney Springs

Breakfast- Ohana Polynisian Resort (2 Table Service Credits)

Another character meal but with Lilo and Stitch! This is another must-have breakfast and restaurant while staying at Disney. Best Friend breakfast will offer amazing Mickey waffles as well as an Aloha juice I cannot wait to try! Tinley will more than likely stuff herself with eggs and sleep for hours afterwards. We are going to fill up on breakfast then spend our day lounging at the hotel. After being in a sugar coma from the day before a nice relaxing day will be appreciated!

Lunch-Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter (1 Quick Service and 1 Snack Credit)

I’m here for the beignets. Really though their lunch menu will satisfy my husband’s love for cheese steak and I will fill up on beignets. We have always wanted to go to New Orleans so I thought hanging out at the resort would be the next best thing. At least it will get us excited about the idea of going to New Orleans anyway!

Snack-Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar Disney Springs

Disney dining is not accepted here but I want to give their sampler of the Coke around the world a try. If you want to stick to only Disney dining locations I would omit this and just wonder around for some treats you can take home.

Dinner-D-Luxe Burger (2 Quick Service Credits)

A little something you should know about my husband and I is we LOVE burgers. So when I heard Disney Springs had an amazing burger place I knew I had to check it out. All of the burgers are mouthwatering and I think my husband will enjoy the familiarity of a good burger. While he will probably enjoy his with a Miller, I think Tinley and I might share a shake.

Day Four Magic Kingdom (Tinley’s 2nd Birthday!)

Breakfast-Gaston’s Tavern (1 snack Credit)

We are going to start Tinley’s birthday off with dessert! Gaston’s has a huge cinnamon roll that we could probably finish as a family. Seriously I’ve seen it on video and it’s huge!

Lunch-Be Our Guest (2 Quick Service Credits)https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/magic-kingdom/be-our-guest-restaurant/

We are going to sleep in and have an early lunch at Magic Kingdom. The morning is special for my family so the morning of Tinley’s birthday we are going to cuddle in the hotel room eat snacks from home and open presents. This day will be all about Tinley and I want to make it special starting with brunch. This will start out our day at Magic Kingdom and from here we will head out to find all of the characters we can.

Snack Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (1 Snack Credit)

Main Street U.S.A is so special to me as well as other Disney World lovers so I’m so excited to share the magic with my daughter on her birthday! I’m tearing up just thinking about it so I can’t even imagine the water works that will ensue while there. Between meeting princesses we will stop at the ice cream parlor for a sundae to share as a family. On our way out we may use some of snack credits here as well for souvenirs and just a way to bring some magic back with us.  


After a very magical day I think we may order in and pay for our meal this night. We may also go see family for Tinley’s birthday party. We might even make lunch late enough so we can enjoy the rest of Tinley’s birthday by the pool. If not we would probably sneak off to Disney Springs and enjoy some ice cream or dessert using around 2 snack credits.

 Day Five Hollywood Studios

Breakfast-Sweet Spells (5 Snack Credits)

Since this is our last day we are going to fill up on snacks here to take home with us. For that day I will be indulging in something sweet for breakfast like a carrot cake cookie or one of their other amazing cookies.

Lunch-Back Lot Express (1 Quick Service)

We have decided to share an entrée here because the proportions are huge! Plus we are planning a pretty exciting dinner. We can’t wait to check out the Star Wars theme in this restaurant and watch as the Storm Troopers walk into battle.

Dinner-50’s Prime Time Café (2 Table Service Credits)

Besides Princesses I’m most excited about this dining experience. I have seen and read so much about this home diner I cannot wait to check it out myself. They treat you like family and that could be good and bad if you don’t wash your hands. Really this is the reason I started planning out our meals at Disney. I’m so happy we are ending our trip with this this amazing experience!

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  1. I don’t know what I would’ve done without our Disney Dining Plan when we went a couple of years ago! It was so great to not have to worry about where we were going every day – we had it all planned out ahead of time and used our credits for some of the best places to eat at Disney. Your plan sounds like a great one!

  2. This is so useful. Next year, I am going to Disney and tbh, I have no clue how to prepare an itinerary, I am going to pin it so that I can refer to it later. Thanks 🙂

  3. This looks like a great resource for people visiting Disney – we don’t have anything like this in Australia but gee, I wish we did!

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