Diaper Backpacks Under $100

Since my last post I have gotten a lot of questions about what other diaper backpacks are out there that are cute and don’t cost an arm and a leg. So instead of making you search the internet I came up with a few of my favorite under $100.

  1. Fisher-Price® Shiloh Diaper Bag Backpack

    I love all things Aztec print right now! It is a dupe for the Petunia Boxy Backpack but I think it is a lot more functional. The shape of this bag makes it perfect for travelling as well! 

  2. Skip Hop Nolita Neoprene Diaper Backpack

    I was battling whether I should get this one or the one I currently have because of how cute it is! The little touches of pink against the dark black and gray is amazing! This one also features a side pocket for your water bottle or an extra cup if you have more than one child. 

  3. Little Unicorn Marindale Diaper Backpack

    My current diaper bag I have right now. If you haven’t read my Diaper Bag Essentials for a One Year Old check out how much I can stuff in this baby.

  4. Kelly Super Cooler Backpack Diaper Bag

    Believe it or not I found this bag off of Ebates. If you sing up through this code you can get $10 off your order and get it for around $50. I think that’s a great deal for how many features this bag has. I personally love that it has a cooler pocket because when I used bottles I didn’t want that milk to go warm at all.

  5. Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack

    It’s right on the edge of $100 but Skip Hop usually offers a 20% off coupon that will make it $80, not too bad for a really adorable bag. This is Skip Hop’s dupe for all of those $200 plus diaper bags and they actually look cuter. I think I may just have to get myself one of these because like the other Skip Hop this has the water bottle pocket on the side.

  6. Oh Joy! Backpack Diaper Bag

    This bag was sold out FOREVER! I am so glad Target brought it back. The colors are so much fun and this is the bag for that mom that wants to stand out. The shape is really unique as well and that is what makes it easy to carry even after your child is out of diapers.

If you want one of the other higher end diaper bags but don’t want to pay the price check out Poshmark and if you use the code HWDOT for $5 off your first purchase. I recommend using the offer tool as much as you can, you’d be surprised how low some people go.

Which diaper backpack was your favorite? Did I miss one that is a must for new moms? Leave me any comments or suggestions below!

8 thoughts on “Diaper Backpacks Under $100

    1. I’m really loving my Little Unicorn! I took it out yesterday as just a purse without the baby and I got so many compliments!

  1. I don’t have a little one but these bag are lovely. Looks more like a purse or backpack than a diaper bag. Which is a great thing

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