Debt Free Holidays-Planning for Christmas

Yes you read that right we are already planning for Christmas! We want to have debt free holidays and we want to get all that we can for our little girl.

No Receiving or Giving Gifts

This year we are hosting Christmas at our new house! We are also not getting presents for anyone in our family except Tinley. That sounds harsh but that’s just what works for our budget. In return we did tell family they don’t have to get us anything.  I think that’s fair, Alex was dragging his feet but after all Christmas is not about the gifts.

It will be hard not to get Alex something remarkable for Christmas, but we really have everything we would ever need. After moving I really started to downsize and I’m not fully embracing minimalism but I like the idea.

This holiday season will still be giving but instead of gifts we will continue to give our time. We fully intend on baking some goodies and having people over to celebrate with in our new home. The holidays are in desperate need of an overhaul and this year we are going to give it one.

Quality over Quantity

 We are getting things for Tinley but we aren’t getting a lot. Her “big” present from me is going to be a nice toy chest. I don’t think we are going to do too much for her and we are looking at quality pieces over quantity. A lot of what we are getting her this year are really for the house but she’s so young it doesn’t faze her. Plus you know the grandparents are going to love showering her with toys! 

I thought it might be fun to share a few things I have in mind for Tinley. Remember these might be big ticket items but they are the only things we are buying. To us these are necessities and will grow with her. We are planning early so we have time to save for these big purchases as well.



Simple Decorating

To all of those decorators I applaud you but that is not me. I have a few pieces I put out and that’s it. Growing up my mom decorated the house beautifully! Everywhere you turned there was something screaming Christmas at you. We had bins upon bins of Christmas decorations. Well I don’t do that and I’m sorry but I’m not sorry.

For me getting into the Christmas spirit isn’t decorating the house, it’s the experiences leading up to Christmas. This year I want a real tree and I want to liter it with Disney ornaments and ornaments that mean something to me. There will come a day that I have it filled with Tinley’s homemade projects for now I want to enjoy the simplicity.

I’m sure I will have more on this as time draws closer and I will share some of the amazing deals we find! We cannot wait to celebrate our first Christmas in our new house and continue our traditions. When do you start planning Christmas?

13 thoughts on “Debt Free Holidays-Planning for Christmas

    1. That’s a good idea! We don’t have any that are that close to us but we do have a few that we take the drive for frequently.

  1. I can tell you I don’t start planning Christmas as early as August! I love the concept of giving time as a gift. Because as it has become heavily commercialized, the true spirit and essence of the season seems to have gotten lost amidst all the gift wrap and toy purchases. That’s how our family likes to enjoy the season…by giving our time and love to one another!

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