Day in Dubuque

This year we have decided to take more trips as a family. Even if they are just to the next town over or 20 plus hours to Florida. We want to experience life and take our daughter along for the ride. 

Our adventure took us to the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium in Dubuque, Iowa. 

When we first got there she immediately gravitated towards the open tank of water. She loves water and there just so happened to be some duck friends waiting for her! 

We loved walking around the different exhibits to see when her eyes would shine. She got intrigued by the Blue Cat Fish and we even got a stuffed one to commemorate the trip. I just loved being able to watch her discover new things! 

This is her completely surprised by how big the catfish was as it whizzed by her. The spark that she has already for adventure makes me one proud momma! Also I would like to point on that we are a baby carrying family, Alex loves his baby carrier and it really does come in handy! 

We even ran into a crocodile/alligator i didn’t read the sign, that I seriously didn’t think was real. I was impressed by it but Tinley only focused on the fishes because she is seriously obsessed! 

Dad and her were impressed by the giant sea turtle though! It was Alex’s mission to find all of the turtles in the museum real or fake. I don’t know how many times I heard him say “turtle” but it’s something we can always think back to and laugh. He always finds something to make funny and he tends to make the whole trip amazing no matter what. 

Okay guys I went totally out of my comfort zone and I petted a sting ray! Seriously was the best experience of the day for me! They are like puppies and constantly wanted attention and I was the only one there so I stayed there for a good ten minutes. The staff member that was there was super helpful and answered any of my silly questions. I would do this a million times over and recommend if you have a chance pet one! 

We ended our trip with Tinley’s favorite activity playing in the water and making a total mess! This area is supposed to teach children about levies, dams and channels but Tinley doesn’t understand that at all. Instead we gave her a boat, rolled up her sleeves and let her go wild. 

We ended our day with a little hike at Galena’s overlook, which is seriously just a rest stop surrounded by trees. I got this adorable shot of my two loves though and I just thought to myself, I will travel the world with these two forever. 

Day trips like this is what keeps me sane and thankful for my little family. This is only the beginning of our adventure together stay tuned for more! 


3 thoughts on “Day in Dubuque

  1. This looks like such a fun time! I absolutely LOVE aquariums and zoos. I don’t think I will ever outgrow them 🙂

    xo, Taylor (

  2. Aquariums are some of my very favorite places to visit as I travel! I love the whole underwater feel of most of them. I’ll book mark for when I’m in Dubuque!

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