Daddy Diaper Party

Yes we had one and no I am not ashamed at all because I have a super excited Dad on my hands. Ever since those two little lines Alex has been over the moon about having a baby so I wanted to do something to celebrate his excitement. This was also a way from me to plan a party since my mom won’t let me plan anything for my shower.

It was really small and simple it and we combined it with the Super Bowl so there was a football theme obviously and Alex really enjoyed himself. Like I said he is so excited for our little girl, his face brights up when he has a chance to talk about her and he just is going to be a great father. I can’t wait to see the two together because I already know now she’s going to be a Daddy’s girl.

Silly me didn’t get many pictures of the food and activities set up but I did get some of the sweets, the present my mom put together and the prize for our diaper raffle. I didn’t completely fail at blogging.


We did have a few activities for his party not a structured game since we were also there to watch football but to keep people involved. We had a diaper raffle and I found this table top corn hole set the looks like a football field for the prize, that my mother-in-law won, and we did a write advice on a diaper. People liked writing silly things, encouraging words, and my nephew even drew a picture on one it is something I highly recommend doing if you are throwing a daddy shower or your own shower.


Leave it to my mom to make something completely Pinterest worthy for Alex, this Daddy Toolbox. He loved looking at all of the goodies because she packed it full of stuff and is excited he has a small toolbox of his own. I don’t know if he will keep it as a diaper toolbox or not but it was adorable and between that and the other diapers and wipes we received we should be good for a while.


Let me know if you plan on throwing a Daddy Diaper Party or if you have ever attended one!

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