Da Bubba

I wanted to write about all of the things that have been on my mind going into my last month of pregnancy my fears, what I’m looking forward to and overall how I’m feeling about having a person I made soon. As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about I thought back on all of my symptoms and headaches so far during this pregnancy and how thankful I am to have someone by my side the whole time. I know you might be thinking it’s another sappy post about Alex, but it’s not.

Alex didn’t wake up with me every time I got sick in the first trimester or sleep eighteen hours with me. He’s surely not waking up or I guess I should say staying up until the wee hours of the morning. The boy loves his sleep and is a hard sleeper, but it’s okay because I have someone else by my side. Well I guess it’s something else, my pup Dean.

He’s already proven to be the best big brother ever. He just seems to know when I wake up in the middle of the night because he creeps up next to me and let’s me pet him until we both fall asleep. Every time I get up to go to the bathroom, a snack or just walk around the house he’s right there. Sometimes I get a huff and a dirty look but he’s still loyal.

Dean doesn’t know personal boundaries because he actually goes into the bathroom with me and will most of the time put a paw in my face but hey we all have our flaws. He has known throughout the whole pregnancy the safe way to cuddle with mommy which now is just closely on her side or sprawled across her legs. I took this picture of him rubbing against my belly like a cat and I just couldn’t handle the cuteness.


When he does feel her kick he doesn’t react but if she is too active he will go to the end of the bed or the other side of the couch. He doesn’t like being bothered too much while he’s trying catching up on his 23.5 hour sleep schedule.

Overall he’s been a really good boy, he’s been interested in the baby stuff but thankfully has not marked his territory on them. He hasn’t had too many accidents inside either, now Alex may be able to tell me differently but I haven’t had to clean any up.

Dean made all my pregnancy woes bearable and no matter how many things I have to complain about I have ten ways for each one he has made better. I know dogs are man’s best friend but he’s my first baby that will always know how to comfort me.

I will have updates on how he is once she arrives but for now he’s the perfect little pooch!

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