Chunk Update

I know I’ve been gone for awhile but I thought it was time for an update of this little chunk. She is almost six months, say what?! She’s half a year old already and I still can’t believe it! She takes my breath away and I may or may not have cried yesterday because she was just so sweet. 

We went our first family outing to the blueberry patch in August and she slept pretty much the whole time but it was nice getting out and doing something. I’m looking forward to many more family trips coming up! Like to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, and we are even going to Florida at the end of this month! I want to take her to as many places as we can just to get her out there and create some memories as a family. 


This little rascal is all over the place now, she’d rather be playing than cuddling which kills me. She does have her moments though but she mostly wants to be doing something. Her favorite toy is an Oball she can easily hold onto it and throw it across the room. She is rolling and attempting to crawl but mostly she is pulling herself on her rug. I am so happy I decided to make this rug she pulls on it and plays with it more than most of her toys. This is probably something that will stay with her as long as we can. 


The little nugget is also eating food! We started her on food a little early just because she seemed like she wanted it, simple as that. I know it is to each it’s own and we decided to start her on food when she was a little over four months, closer to five months and we have had no problems. That first week she had some bad diaper rash but that was nothing a milky bath couldn’t solve. I actually make all of her food from fresh produce and even some local grown vegetables and fruit! I will post a few recipes I have, but it’s mostly just fruit and veggies puréed with a little water or breast milk. Her favorite foods right now are carrots, peas (ick) and sweet potatoes. She tried to feed herself and this was the result because I wasn’t giving her, her peas fast enough. 


This past we kind was one of my favorite weekends in fall it was AOP which is a local festival and we probably walked a good four or five miles while we were there. All we really got was food but the experience was all we were after. This was the first big event we also used the baby carrier for, we tried the stroller but we barely got through and we realized it was going to be a bigger hassle so we switched to the carrier. Tinley loved it and she actually fell asleep in seconds. We were there for maybe four hours and she contently slept in it for most of that time. She did wake up a little bit to see the gymnasts perform in the parade and was completely amazed but then she dozed back off.


I love watching her grow! At every appointment my doctor is just amazed at how much she is growing, how cute she is and that I’m still breastfeeding. I’m proud to I’m raising a happy little girl and she really does make parenting easy right now. I will try to keep up as much as I can, but I’m just having too much fun being this girl’s mommy! 

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