My 2017 Planner- bloom Vision Planner

Don’t kill me but I got a new planner! This one is the end all of planners though and it is perfection!

Bloom planners graciously let me pick out a planner from their website to share with all of you! It was a hard choice because they were all amazing! I tried to get one that I thought would be comparable to the oh so famous vertical Erin Condren. The one I receive blew it out of the park!

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Disney World Vacation-How to save for a Magical Experience

Disney World is probably one of my favorite places to visit. This year my husband hasn’t committed to a vacation plan, so I did. I wouldn’t mind making it a yearly vacation because I really do enjoy going to Disney World.

In this post I wanted to share our breakdown of costs and how to save/make money for Disney. I have less than four months until I would like to go but it is a pretty doable plan for any budget. I have included transportation, hotel cost, park tickets, dining plan and miscellaneous expenses.

Our first trip to Disney when Tinley was 6 months old!

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