Christmas Pajamas for the Family

Affordable pajamas to get for the whole family!

Christmas pajamas are my jam! Sorry Alex I could resist sharing some of these amazing sets from Target!

Every year I love getting new pajamas for Christmas. This year I love the idea of all of us having matching ones. Not only will this year be super fun with a toddler but it’s our first year staying home Christmas morning. I cannot wait to see Tinley walk down the stairs to see all of the presents. It makes me choke up just thinking about it.

If you don’t have a family just yet get a set for you and your friends. This year I’m hoping to plan a pajama Christmas party and do a pajama exchange. It’s kind of like a gift exchange but instead of a candle or perfume a pair of jammies. How cute would it be though if we were all matching? I think I should suggest this right away.

I’m eyeing those Burt’s Bee jammies something fierce so those might come home with me. Or I might be totally basic and get the Magnolia collection, you’ll have to wait for Christmas morning to find out!

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Storybook Halloween- Costume ideas for toddlers

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Tinley can finally walk around to trick-or-treat this year! Last year we did carry her around to trick-or-treat, but there’s just something about them being able to go up to the houses by themselves. Since this is her first trick-or-treating experience I wanted her costume to be perfect. It had to comfortable, cute, unique and since I live in the Midwest, warm.

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