Disney Dining Plan-Making the most out of your credits

I have never gone to Disney with a dining plan so I’m kind of excited to be able to experience Disney in this way. Planning and research is the number one suggestion to make the most of your time at Disney and get your money worth out of the dining plan. The Disney Food Blog has come in handy when researching this post and most of these suggestions come directly from their videos/eBooks. This is crucial for me to plan meals and know the menus beforehand because I do have allergies and thankfully Disney is very accommodating to allergies.

So I compiled up a spreadsheet and a detailed list of what my family will be getting while in Disney. The Disney dining plan I selected you receive 1 Quick-Service Meal, 1 Table-Service Meal and 2 Snacks per night of their stay. We are going during the 2018 season so our dining plan does include alcoholic beverages but only my husband will be indulging in those I don’t really drink. If I get intrigued by a cocktail we might share one. I’m going to break it down in days and parks just so you can gauge it a little easier.

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Disney World Vacation-How to save for a Magical Experience

Disney World is probably one of my favorite places to visit. This year my husband hasn’t committed to a vacation plan, so I did. I wouldn’t mind making it a yearly vacation because I really do enjoy going to Disney World.

In this post I wanted to share our breakdown of costs and how to save/make money for Disney. I have less than four months until I would like to go but it is a pretty doable plan for any budget. I have included transportation, hotel cost, park tickets, dining plan and miscellaneous expenses.

Our first trip to Disney when Tinley was 6 months old!

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