12794469_10207685480430526_4947210123738053627_nHow far along?  33 weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: I really have no idea, I don’t have a scale but I was up 12 pounds at my last appointment.

Maternity clothes: I just bought my first maternity shirt on ThredUp for maternity pictures hopefully coming soon!

Stretch marks: Nope because I moisturize, moustrize, and moisturize! I will have a post soon on all of my skin care products and what has helped my very dry skin!

Sleep: What is that? Totally learning how to function on 3 hours of sleep, I did nap today though so win!

Best moment this week: I got my hospital bag and I put her bath stuff in the bathroom. Also Alex and his dad painted the nursery so things are slowly coming together and I can’t wait to set everything up!

Miss anything? Today I really wanted some sushi, I cannot wait to eat some California Rolls.

Movement: Oh yeah she loves playing in my rib cage, just stretching out those long legs!

Food cravings: Pop! I felt so much relief downing a Dr. Pepper last night with dinner

Anything making you queasy or sick? I actually am getting a little nauseous in the morning again but that could be because I’m hungry because after I eat it goes away.

Gender: Girl at least it better be or all of the pink stuff will be silly

Labor signs: Just today I started to feel her kick a little lower, usually she’s really high but not today. I have Braxton Hicks almost every other day now and it has just become more of an annoyance than painful/uncomfortable.

Symptoms: Heartburn and indigestion are my enemy. I am also starting to feel pain in my hips again but I see the doctor that adjusts me in a week so hopefully that will be relieved then.

Belly button in or out? In but it looks super weird.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: I have my days mostly moody though

Looking forward to: Finishing her nursery, I was nesting really bad but now I lost all motivation. Last week all I wanted was to clean and do laundry now I really just want to hang out with my dog. Let’s hope for Alex’s sake I can finish his work clothes.

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