Breastfeeding tips from a mom who’s been there

Since I’m near the finish I thought I would share some of my wisdom on to women who are interested in breastfeeding. 

For selfish and somewhat medical reasons we are weaning our daughter at a year, but she doesn’t even mind. She started to wean herself naturally. 
My first latch

I have seen so many products out there directed towards nursing mothers and I almost fell for the gimmick of them. I say almost because we decided to buy things as we needed them instead of anticipate like most first time parents. I really recommend doing this so you’re not stuck with unused products that are just stacking up (I shamelessly re-gift these items). 

Here is what you’ll really need to successfully breastfeed your bundle: 

Water bottle: Water=Liquid Gold you have to stay hydrated while nursing and you will get hella thirsty. I always have a cup of water next to me. Not only does it help with production but it also is good for the body. 

Nipple Cream: This is a necessity at the beginning and when your baby starts teething. At the start your nipples are completely torn to shreds because they just aren’t used to the moisture and dry up easily. The same thing happens when teething really begins, your baby’s saliva changes and your nipples have to adjust once more. I used the Mothers Nature Nipple Butter but regular ole coconut oil will work too. 

Pump and a Variety of bottles: You never know when you have to leave your little one and it is just good to have some sort of stash. Whether it be a few freezer bags or a whole deep freeze full something is better than nothing. Also not all bottles are created equally and your baby will refuse one that they don’t like. I recommend having 3 or 4 different nipple types. 

Soy Lecithin: This is an unspoken hero in my breastfeeding journey. It saved me from mastitis by breaking up clogged ducts. I really don’t know what it does but it works. 

Support System: I really didn’t have too many people to talk to at first because all of the women in Alex’s and my own family stopped breastfeeding around 3 months or earlier. Thankfully a family friend that had a baby a few months before me let me sit down with her and ask her anything. I really credit that conversation to why I breastfed so long. I like to think she passed the torch on to me and I hope to help any new mom as well with their journey. 

I also joined a large breastfeeding group on Facebook and if I had a silly question or frustration I had an outlet for that. The biggest support was my husband though, I could write a whole post about how much I value his support but that’s a little too mushy. He knows more about breastfeeding than I do, no joke, and I love him for it! We really were a team this whole time and he was always on my side when it came to my milk and I appreciate him so much for that. 

Patience: BREASTFEEDING IS HARD! The best advice I can give any new momma is just stick with it, it will get better. The first three months are miserable for some women but then it’s smooth sailing. I know it’s everywhere that magical mark but it seriously is, when Tinley was 3 months exactly it stopped hurting and we finally got it. This is a learning experience for both of you so just let it ride. 

Endurance: This came from the other Gingy Love, my best friend Katie. She has been through a lot with her new baby, tongue and lip tie, oversupply and early teething. She has been through the ringer but is still trucking. She also has a toddler she’s home with and she really does have to keep up with a hungry baby and a crazy three year old. No matter how stressed, tired or just fed up you are if you’re serious about getting to the finish line you gotta keep keeping on! 

If you’re a breastfeeding momma or breastfed and I left anything out leave them in the comments below. 

Breastfeeding tips

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  1. I think support is the biggest reason I have been successful. It’s so important! I seeked out support/advice before my baby arrived so I was prepared if I had any questions, made a huge difference!! Great post!

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