Bow Storage and Nursery Update

There have been some changes to Tinley’s nursery since I first posted about it. Mostly we got rid of the big bulky swing, bouncer and most of her “baby” things. 

The biggest need was this bow hanger. I made her name with my silhouette and painted a small long board and added some hooks. I think I will eventually add ribbon on top to clip bows but for now her clips are just on other bow headbands. Before we just had all of her bows in a bin and it was hard to find the color I wanted so now it is easy to grab. 

As you can see my little princess has a wide variety of bows. I love Lilly Belle Market because she is always running sales and I can get a lot for a little. I am also obsessed with Little Poppy Co. which is a bow subscription service and they have the cutest bows! 

While out shopping I saw this bean bag chair and Tinley fell in love with it at the store, therefore daddy bought for her. I feel like I officially have a toddler now. We traded her Bumbo seat for a bean bag chair. She loves climbing up, hugging/throwing off her stuffed animals then sliding back down. She then puts the stuffed animals back up and the cycle continues until something else catches her eye. 

The one thing that hurt my heart to take down was her ribbon wall but she was starting to pull on it and I didn’t want it to fall on her. Thankfully I found this amazing framed print at Hobby Lobby, for $30 y’all! I love the gold foiling and we hope to travel the world with her so this is a nice addition, yes I’m that cheesy mom. 

Thankfully Tinley sleeps in her bed all night and the biggest reason for that is Frederick and her heart. Her great-grandparents started having her sleep with Curious George for nap time to transition her into her crib there so we had to have something at home as well. She loves cuddling with Frederick at night and she rubs her pillow to fall asleep. It is the sweetest thing and a total lifesaver. 

I love how her room is changing with her and I can’t wait to see how it will change next! 


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