Being a girl mom

Having a girl is down right magical. I thought I would share all of the reasons I love being a girl mom while sharing all about my almost-one-year-old. 

Dresses-They’re all over her closet and she loves them! When she gets to her dress up stage which I have a feeling will be soon, I have a feeling she will forever be in a dress. I was/am this way I would always be in a dress even when I went hunting with my dad, seriously my mom will confirm. I secretly hope that Tinley will be like that, playing tough in a dress.

Tutus- I made her first tutu and she was so upset when I took it off! I followed the tutorial here after The Hair Bow Company sent me some of these headbands. I needed something cute for her St. Patrick’s Day shoot, but I do recommend not getting tulle with glitter on it. There was glitter everywhere! But it was a fun photo shoot and probably just my first tutu. 

Pink- There is pink everywhere! I love it! I know it’s not exclusive to girls but she loves it and I love seeing it. The color makes me so happy and I think it may have the same effect on this little girl. 

Bows- I have become a bow hoarder, no seriously she has so many bows! Her bow collection might be another post all together because she has that many. I even signed up for a bow subscription for her. We have both headbands and clips but she prefers the clips. I am just thankful she has enough hair to clip in a bow. 

Tinley isn’t just girly though she’s a tough cookie who loves baking with mommy. She loves her tea pot and wrestling with daddy. She is my rough and tumble girly girl and I love every moment of being her mom. 

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  1. We love green bows too!! She is adorable. She sounds just like my daughter – also a tough little cookie that loves fighting with her daddy and her older sister. Both of my girls love hair bows so much so I started my own small business making bows.

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