Become a makeup Tarteist- My favorite makeup brand Tarte

I haven’t talked a lot about makeup but I thought it was finally time in our relationship to share my favorite brand, Tarte cosmetics. It all started with a mascara and the love grew to the whole dang brand.

I have tried pretty much everything in this brand thanks to my sister who gets free products by working at Ulta and from purchasing them on my own. I was introduced this brand by the YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen raving about their Lights, Cameras, Splashes waterproof mascara and I was intrigued.


I bought a sample one and I fell in love. This mascara actually made me realize that I have sensitive eyes. When I wore this mascara I didn’t feel stinging and I didn’t have to rub my eyes every five minutes like I did with my drug store mascara. That made me come to the conclusion that maybe it was my mascara and not just allergies. I haven’t turned back since and I have repurchased this over and over again. They even came out with a holographic tube that I totally recommend getting. I haven’t tried their other mascaras yet but they are high on my list.

The next product I tried from Tarte was the blush another YouTuber recommendation and my face came to life. I have not yet found a line of blushes that every color looks amazing on my skin tone. I am a pale girl and most show up way too bright but even Tarte’s brightest pink looks natural on me. Ulta just had some on sale and I’m really sad that I missed it because I probably would have repurchased a few of my favorites.  My ultimate favorite is actually their bright pink, Amused, I love seeing it in my makeup bag I’m also a fan of Fearless and that’s actually on sale! You can get it for $18 but if you sign up for their emailing list you can get $10 off so it’s $8, that’s amazing for a quality product!

My latest love is the translucent powder called Smooth Operator, something I never knew I needed. I don’t wear foundation but with this powder I don’t need to if I don’t have a break out. I have an overall even skin tone so I can get away with just brushing this on my face and calling it a day. My pores are immediately gone and I love how fresh my face looks just by putting on a little bit of powder. I have always stayed away from powder because I have dry skin but you can’t even tell I’m wearing anything, I can’t even imagine the wonders it works for oily skin.

I have also tried their Tarteist lip line and I love the colors! I only have a few because I’m kind of picky about the lip color I wear but the ones I have Alex is a big fan so I call that a win. My sister has become a little more adventurous with her lippies and she said that they have an amazing selection if you want to go out of your comfort zone. With the way they feel and how hydrating they are you really can’t go wrong with this line if you wanted to try out something new.

I asked my sister what her favorite Tarte product was and she said the Maracuja Oil. She uses it in so many different ways! She uses it as its intended use as well some other ways you wouldn’t even imagine. She uses it as hair oil and she mixes it with a little bit of water in spray bottle to tame my nieces knots. She also uses it on my nephew’s chapped hands during the winter and they heal within hours. It is also great for razor burn and can be used as a primer. If you wanted to start out with something you’ll get the most bang for your buck get the oil!

There a ton of products I am so excited to try I think next will be a contour kit or maybe just a highlighter, I’m going to try it! I know for sure I want their magical unicorn makeup brushes! I am also interested in their new deodorant and dry shampoo. I also need to get my hands on one of their eye shadow palettes and figure them out! This brand has made me more comfortable with makeup and has made the learning experience flawless. If you were wanting to get into quality makeup then I recommend trying Tarte out as well you won’t be disappointed. If you’re in the Rockford area then check out their amazing line available and ask for Angela she will steer you in the right direction!


10 thoughts on “Become a makeup Tarteist- My favorite makeup brand Tarte

  1. I love Tarte too! It’s definitely in my top 5 fave brands. I love the lip paints (I actually just posted my favorite lipsticks and this is included)! I also love that they are cruelty-free!

  2. I love Tarte! They are pretty much my favorite makeup brand. I especially like their shadow palettes and the clay pot liners. So much fun to experiment with!

    1. The wand is a smaller bristle so it’s really natural but can also be built up without clumping.

  3. OMG I love Tarte too! I’m crazy for their eye cream and their new concealer! Wish I could try the products you mentioned soon though, I got intrigued with the Unicorn brushes x

    Btw, I write on beauty, too! I hope you can drop by and check out my first ever blog!

  4. I just started using a Tarte product and I have to agree its pretty amazing. I use the Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush in “Paaartay”. Got it as a free gift from Sephora but I am so ready to go get some other colors.

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