Back To School Tips- FREE Back to School Checklist

I know back to school creates mixed feelings. Here are some hacks to hopefully make the transition easier for everyone. 

Set out your clothes for the week

This may seem a little excessive but trust me it makes the week go by so smooth. On Sunday pick out five outfits and throughout the week pick one to wear. With this you don’t have to remember every night to set out your outfit instead they are all ready for you. Let your children pick out a shirt here or there or if they are able a whole outfit. Skip the hassle in the morning.

Quizlet is life

Whether you are in college needing flash cards or doing sight words with your grade schooler this app is amazing! This is amazing for older kids also for studying for any subject and they will think it’s a game. They will love that they some screen time before dinner. Make you sure you download this for back to school. It really is amazing for any grade.

Lunch prep

As soon as you buy groceries portion out fruits, veggies, snacks and make sandwiches. It may seem overwhelming at first but trust me it saves so much time in the long run. We always had a drawer that we could grab whatever we wanted for lunch. Being one of four school aged children this was a necessity for my mom. Back to school will be way more relaxing if you know that there are healthy options for your child (or yourself) ready to go. Pro tip cut up apples and soak them in 7UP or dump lemon juice in the bag and they won’t go brown!

Save the syllabus!

Whatever your children come with on the first day of school keep it! Even if you have to sign it and return it back to the teacher take a copy and keep the copy. The same goes for any syllabus you receive from all of your classes. If you have school aged children then keep this paper work in a folder that can easily be accessible. High school and college students should keep your syllabus in a clear pocket protector and keep it all semester. The syllabus is the contract you have for the whole year/semester and you always want to keep important documents.

Keep learning

I have vivid memories of my parents at the table with us when we were doing our homework. My dad would be working on computers and my mom would be answering emails, mundane activities that meant so much to my siblings and me. Since they were already at the table we felt comfortable enough to ask them a question or ask for help. So even if you’re not going back to school yourself be at the table or counter doing some sort of work. Even if you don’t have children start this habit every day after work do something that is productive. Personally I’m going to attempt to get back to my French workbooks and hopefully teach a little to Tinley.

Have a checklist

The planner girl in me is screaming, ALWAYS HAVE A CHECKLIST! Really though if you have a list written down or on your phone you will feel so relaxed. Back to school is stressful enough give yourself one less thing to worry about. I did create an adorable checklist for you too so that gets rid of half the work! I recommend laminating the checklist either after you write in you to-dos or use a dry-erase marker. If you don’t have a laminator then you can print off a new checklist every week. It’s FREE so why not?!

Good luck going back to school! Leave any tips you have for back to school!

6 thoughts on “Back To School Tips- FREE Back to School Checklist

  1. This is a great article to share with my friends who have kids! I’m definitely going to pass this on to them! Hmm… I wonder if they have CPA review questions on Quizlet?? I’ll have to check it out and see! lol 🙂

  2. Love this article!! So true about the Syllabus…it seems useless at the beginning of the semester but once you can’t find it anymore its harder to keep on track!

  3. I go back to school as a teacher next week abs your tips are perfect for teachers, too! Meal planning and prep are a must! Plus, we teachers LOVE our checklists! These tips definitely take the stress out of back to school time!

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