Baby’s First Library

Today is Read Across America Day and also Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

He inspired me to become a writer and I take a lot of his writing cues. He made me fall in love with reading and I want to share that with my own daughter.

When I knew I was pregnant I immediately thought of what books I wanted to share with her. I even registered for some instead of clothes.

Alex read to my belly almost every night and now that she’s out in the world we try to do the same.

Our favorite read at the moment is a book called Frederick by Leo Lionni. Not only does it have an amazing story to be creative and have an imagination Tinley loves the little mouse. I got this when it was part of the Kohls Cares book package so Tinley has her own little Frederick.

She already has quite the library and here are a few more of her favorites!

I love being able to share my fairytales and nursery rhymes with her. These stories were my friends growing up and I’m so overjoyed I can share them with her.

One friend in particular is Paddington. I love this little bear and I wish I found one at the train station. Watching her squeeze him tight gives me all the mom feels and makes me think I’m doing alright.

She also loves the rhythm of any Dr. Seuss book and I can’t wait for her to have the whole collection!

What are your favorite children’s books you have or will pass down to your child? Let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Baby’s First Library

  1. I absolutely love books and I did the same exact thing. I registered for tons of books when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I read to her every night. I did the same with my next two daughters also. My love of reading only passed down to two of them but two our of 3 ain’t bad lol. Another good book for a little bit bigger kids is Bear Learns to be Brave. About sleeping through the night in their own beds. Great post

  2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Chika Chika, Boom Boom were some of the ones I had when I was little and gave to my kids too 💚
    Reading is one of the things I knew I wanted to share too.

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