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I know I might get a lot of crap for this or moms will rejoice and love the idea, but I set up a planner for my unborn child.

Now I know what you’re thinking really Megan are you that much of a control freak and what I say to that is, no I’m a first time mom that wants to try things out her own way. Planning helps me a lot with my anxiety and having this planner will just help me with the anxiety of having a newborn.

I spent the compaIMG_0010 (1)rable amount on this planner as a baby book and really I know I’ll use this way more than a baby book. Most people say they just filled in the first few pages if any of their fancy baby books then it gets thrown in a box or the back of a closet, well this planner is going to be used and worth the money.

I did plan on getting a Kikki K for this but I found the Marion Smith Designs one for only $25 and it is the color I wanted from Kikki K but it has adorable gold foiled hearts on the inside. I got the inserts and adorable pink dividers from Planning with Jass, another Etsy store I found through my Facebook group.

I made this planner primarily because I am going back to work part time after six weeks and our little girl is going to be watched by my mom and various family members and I want to know what she’s up to in a day. Also it is for the people that watch her know what phase she’s going through and what her sleep/feeding schedule is sIMG_0012 (1)ince that will be set up within the six weeks I’m off hopefully.

There are five different categories for the planner and some will be used every day and others won’t even be used until she’s a little bit older. The day planner inserts will obviously be used to track her naps and when she eats in a day. There are some extras that won’t get used on the page mostly just the hour slots, but there is a notes section for them to write in how she slept or if she just spits everything up. The other part I thought the baby sitter can use for themselves if they wanted to as well.

The next section IMG_0013is doctor appointments and that will get used as soon as I receive everything in the mail. I have been lacking about writing down what the doctor tells us but it’s better late than never right? Then there is the milestones and this one is the most heartbreaking section for me to put in because I know I will maybe miss something adorable that she does but at the same time
my mom or another family member will have that memory with her. This section is also for Alex because he can only take a week off from work so he can look at these pages and see what is going on with his little girl. I may also buy one of those little picture printers so I can add them to this section.

IMG_0015The next two sections are mostly for the adults and myself which is a monthly overview and recipe section. The monthly overview is just to write down what my schedule is and who is watching her on what day. I have a pretty set schedule between my mom and me but I know there are other family members that want to watch her and during the summer we will have a lot of family coming down that want their turn as well. This will just keep everything straight and I will know what days I can work.

The last section is for when she’s a little older and mostly for me. It’s the recipes section since I am going to be making her own food I can write down all of the ingredients and preparation. Since there will be a lot of room left over, because baby food doesn’t have a lot to it, I can also write the day I introduced something and if she liked it or not the first or second time. Baby’s taste buds change like ours so she may love carrots one week and hate them the next and vice versa. My mom also has the same equipment (Ninja) as I do to make baby food so if she wants to make some for her house she can use the recipes in the IMG_0016back as well.

This planner really is a combination of functional and sentimental memory keeping. We can look back at these pages and remember what type of baby she was.

IMG_0017A lot of my baby pictures, documents and even my own baby book were lost in a fire and I wish that I had something like this to look back on but I don’t, that is why I want my daughter to have this she can show it to her classmates or even her own children one day. Because I have nothing I have been a sap about keeping and documenting almost everything that deals with her and I hope she appreciates it one day. I’m jealous of Alex having almost everything from his baby and child years even down to his first pair of shoes. Every time I see a baby picture of him I want to cry just because he is so cute and the heartbreak of knowing I will never see picture of myself like that. That’s for another day though and maybe another post explaining more on how much that fire is affecting me now.

To end with a high note do you like the idea of a baby planner and if so what sections would you have in yours? Happy Planning!

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  1. LOVE this idea! I would include a “diapers” section – sounds gross but you want to know when she has BMs and if something causes her to not have one. And it can also help you keep track of how much you spend on diapers, too.

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