Room Inspiration for Tinley’s Bedroom

One of the greatest parts of owning your own home is being able to throw paint around and do whatever you want to the house. This means I get to finally put my Pinterest boards to use. I am really focused on Tinley’s room this week.

I loved her nursery at the old house but I didn’t want to replicate it here. The vision I have for her room is light and muted colors. She will have a play room full of bright colors so I wanted to calm it down in her bedroom.

Floral wallpaper is grabbing me while decorating her room.I am loving this nursery from Project Nursery. Not only does it have the floral wallpaper I love but it also leaves space for some personal touches. Tinley’s name is so unique I want to show it off everywhere! 

A part of me also wants to do a shopping spree at Target. Their kids’ bedroom collection is just amazing! The colors I think Tinley will really engage with and they have everything I would want in one place. I couldn’t pick just one!

I like the pops of color in this nursery without them being too bright. Also with all of the colors I feel like I can chose any paint color for her room or a simple white. I feel like there is a ton of potential with this room. 

This collection might be the winner! I always say that Tinley is my little princess and this room is fit for a princess. It provides a lot of room to grow and this is the type of room she can grow up with and it still fit. Instead of getting the “Hello Beautiful” sign I may make one that says “Hello Gorgeous.” Only because that is what I said to her when I first held her and it’s special to us. 

One of the most exciting areas of Tinley’s room for me is the reading nook. I have always wanted a place to read or journal in my room so I’m giving Tinley one! We have a lot of books I would love to display. Reading holds a special place in my heart and I hope to pass that love on to Tinley.

I love this one and the whole nursery! The layering of the pillows is to die for and I am a sucker for throw pillows. It is a magical place to explore new worlds. 

If you want to see more of my home renovation ideas are follow me on Pinterest! I will be pinning away for the next few weeks. Also if you have some amazing boards leave your Pinterest below! 


11 thoughts on “Room Inspiration for Tinley’s Bedroom

  1. I love the first picture that looks a bit more sheek… But then I guess that would be my taste and not for the baby haha!

    I always thought it would be cool to have a patterned wallpaper for a baby though. I always find they make me think more. Had you found any with patterns?

  2. These are all such beautiful ideas! I love the bright white rooms with pops of color, but I’m a fan of neutrals too. We’re currently renovating our bathrooms at the moment and I’m constantly on Pinterest – such a terrific source of inspiration.

    xo Jaime

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