Baby Girl Fall Fashion-Affordable Girls Clothes

I’m already prepping for fall with Tinley’s outfits! She already has boots ready to go! I did have to break down and buy her a few pieces this weekend though. Thankfully my favorite stores had sales!

This little monkey just HAD to wear her boots today! Is it fall yet?

Gap and Old Navy are killin’ it with the baby girl fall fashion this year! I literally spent hours putting together outfits for Tinley. 

I have never been so thankful that Old Navy and Gap ship together. Seriously makes the buying process so easy! Plus I can get some cute stuff too! 

I narrowed down my list from 48 to 26 to show you guys what I’ve been loving! I did get Tinley most of this stuff or plan to here soon. If you can only get one or two things from this list get the jeans and three pack of thermal tops. Those jeans are life! I bought two in her current size 18-24 month because they last forever and they’re adorable! 

So get shopping! I will hopefully be showing off some of the looks I got Tinley soon!

38 thoughts on “Baby Girl Fall Fashion-Affordable Girls Clothes

  1. I LOVE Gap and Old Navy for babies. They almost always have a sale and the most adorable things. I want everything you posted…looks like I know what I’m doing this evening 😉

  2. She’s so cute and I love her name!!! What a wonderful list (: I’m with her on the boots, too. I’m ready for fall and it’s still over 100 degrees. Can’t wait to break out the boots. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I haven’t shopped at Gap and Old navy in forever. Really cute outfits though. I have a niece who I can buy clothes for from there.

  4. These outfits are lovely. I have a one year old and I struggle because I am not really a girly girl and it is hard to find girls clothes that are not covered in pink flowers. These are great I will get myself looking at gap

    1. I try to keep a balance, because I don’t want to force her into anything. I love that they have solid pieces as well as floral. I’m a big fan of gray and army green for fall so you know she will be rocking them too!

  5. Ohhh this is so adorable. I don’t even have a little one, but I love looking at kids’ clothing. Every time I look at it in stores, I think two things: 1 – how can anyone be so little and adorable? and 2 – these little ones are all so way beyond more stylish than me!lol

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