About ME

I started this blog as a class project and it has grown with me since then. From starting my own life out in the big bad world to now being a mom. I started writing about college and my relationship with this amazing guy I call my husband.

I then shared all about planning the perfect wedding, which lead me to have my own thrown together in ELEVEN DAYS! Everything on a budget and done just how I wanted! Which lead to my pregnancy and the beautiful birth of my baby girl!

Now I’m a mom blogger all thanks to this little girl and I love it! I share all of my loves and tips and tricks along the way of life. Our adventure just continues and I can’t wait to see what happens next, and I’m taking you along with me!

Some products on this blog may be gifted (will always be noted), an affiliate link may be used, or a post may be sponsored, all opinions are my own & products are ONLY endorsed if I truly do love them. Any and all sponsored posts will be labeled as such.