4th of July Party Essentials Under $15

I’m not going to lie I desperately wanted to title this more shit you don’t need from Target. The SEO for that wasn’t good enough so here we are, boring title. It’s no surprise that Target is the holy beckon for millennial moms and I fall into that category. So grab your S’more frap and pick up some of these awesome 4th of July must-haves.

An adorable outfit sent from The Hair Bow Co! It came with pants but the shirt fit as a dress.

After I got past all of the pineapple décor and rethinking my whole office set-up I finally made it to the 4th of July section. I’m personally drawn to the red, white and blue of this holiday so I wanted to buy everything. I had to stay focused though, cause Disney, but I still wanted to get a few things to make my backyard BBQ stand out. That meant all things shiny and cause Disney, cheap as I can possibly find.

Wemco™ Patriotic String Lights

I want to use these everywhere not just 4th of July. These little stars are just so cute and add a little something extra to the party. They can be used in the traditional way or along a table for some extra flair. I personally don’t have much lighting in the back yard so I do need some sort of string light if we want to stay out past dusk. Thankfully I can reuse these over and over throughout the year. 

4th of July Blue Battery-Operated Lit Décor Star – POPTIMISM!™

This is the star of the show! It will most likely live in my house all year round somewhere. I plan on putting this on the food table just to give it a little extra. Not only is it adorable it is also only $5! Get at me! 

4th of July Stars/Stripes Small Tin – POPTIMISM!™

Whenever I have a party these tins are everywhere! I put straws in them, utensils, dip and popcorn. These little guys are only $3 for two so I can have a few scattered. There is also a larger bucket that matches that is only $6 that would be cute for chips or drinks. 

4th of July Red, White & Blue Tassel Garland – POPTIMISM!™

I love me a good tassel garland! Thankfully these have come down in price dramatically so I can get one for pretty much every party. This one may stay up longer because again I love red, white and blue together. It’s also shiny and I love all things shiny! 

4th of July 34″ USA Balloon Kit – POPTIMISM!™

To match the garland I thought these balloons were perfect! I have gotten a few of these word/number balloons from Target and they are really great quality. They really surprise people and they look expensive without being expensive. My party just feels more put together when I have one of these up. Also I think the garland and balloon together is going to look trendy af. 

6ct Denim Pocket Print Silverware Holder

If you know me I have the weirdest touches to my parties and this is my touch. These are the silliest things ever but I love them. Just set these bad boys on the table with some silverware and it makes your party that much more expensive. People think you put a lot of thought into your party when you really just raided Target’s party section. It’s the little details that make your party stand out and get people talking. 

Well now that I have my 4th of July all planned, back to Disney planning. I made a spreadsheet today all about our dining. This is becoming a problem! Let me know what you’re doing for the 4th of July and any family BBQ recipes! 



9 thoughts on “4th of July Party Essentials Under $15

  1. These are great inexpensive options for the up coming 4th of July holiday. Thanks for reminding me that I can kick it up a notch around the house without having to take on a second mortgage 😉

  2. What great suggestions to throw a 4th of July jam. Thanks for putting this list together. I love the dress on your little one! sooo adorable!

  3. I am Canadian and this weekend is our 150 birthday. July 1, I have been looking for Canadiana and can’t find anything I like. I should try and remember to do a post like this for next year. It’s a great idea and helpful.

    1. I will! I have a lot of blogger friends from Canada and I would love to show them some love!

  4. Lol Target is good for highlighting shit you DON”T NEED as soon as you walk into the store, but I LOVE them. I try to avoid Target at all cost sometimes especially when I’m broke! Love the star and the buckets though

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