My 2017 Planner- bloom Vision Planner

Don’t kill me but I got a new planner! This one is the end all of planners though and it is perfection!

Bloom planners graciously let me pick out a planner from their website to share with all of you! It was a hard choice because they were all amazing! I tried to get one that I thought would be comparable to the oh so famous vertical Erin Condren. The one I receive blew it out of the park!

I have been using bloom planners since high school because I could easily buy it off Amazon. Plus all of them were super cute. They really did spark my love for planners and I have gifted them to many of my friends. You could say I have always been a bloom girl. Now they are still as asseible and their designs are on point. Bloom has stepped up their cover game with all of their trendy patterns and colors. Seriously their marble cover is perfection.

I went with the Soft Cover Vision Planner and oh my word is it a vision! Not only does it have a layout that is perfect for making to-do lists but the Erin Condren stickers out there fit the columns! Plan with me videos are coming soon so I can show off how fun they are to decorate and the functional layout.

This planner really does blow me away! For the quality and price it can’t be beat. I even gave away my hardbound EC because this planner will be my go to this year. Instead of having several planners for home, fun and blogging I can throw it all in this one. Even Alex loves this planner!

They are geared more for academic planning but if you’re a mom that’s perfect because during the summer you should be out there enjoying your kids, right? If you consistently buy their planners though it does end at July and the next begins in August so you don’t miss a step and there’s no overlapping of years. Really I’m just salty that I have to wait until August to play with this beauty.

Something that really stood out to me with this planner is the vision boards at the beginning of each month. It will really help me keep track of my goals (Disney) and break it down per week. Sometimes I like seeing that I only have to save $65 per week instead of $1000 in 4 months. In this section I do also think I’m going to throw in some pictures I print with my Polaroid Zip just to personalize it a little more.

Bloom really killed it with this planner. I cannot wait to start using it! I totally recommend heading over to their page and getting one of their amazing planners this year. While you’re over there check out their other stationary goodies. They also have a line of stickers that I am in love with and I will be showing off very soon!

If you want to see a full walk-thru of this planner I shot a little video for you:

36 thoughts on “My 2017 Planner- bloom Vision Planner

  1. I’ve tried a lot of these planners, but none ever really worked for me and I’d stop using them. This one though sounds really inspirational with the vision board. I’ve been meaning to do them so this will really kick me into gear!!! Thanks for introducing me to this one.

    1. I love hearing this! I have converted a lot of people to paper planners and I’m always on the hunt for the most functional planner. I have tried almost everything and this one hits all of my personal marks.

  2. I love this! I have been blogging for a few months now but still haven’t mastered the art of organisation. This planner looks like my dream come true!

  3. Cute planner :). I buy a planner, almost every year, and I NEVER stick to using one! LOL… I bought one this year, and it’s still sitting there, and we’re on month 7. I’m so bad, lol.

  4. I want to use planners so bad! I do really well for like two weeks then I just forget and it goes unused for the rest of the year. I have like 3 I got at the beginning of the year that just collect dust 🙁

  5. Great planner! Love the video too. I used to be a planner person but haven’t had a one in years – I became an everything digital person. I do love how they incorporate a vision board! Genius!

  6. i definitely want to try out this planner. i love that the ideas i would want to include are already in the planner – so it looks neat and consistent. i also like that the ring binder looks a bit smaller than my EC planner which will make writing my lists on the days either side of the rings easier! loved the sneak peak video – it definitely sold me on this planner too!

  7. Super cute planner! I live in my planner and would definitely be lost without it. I also take time picking the perfect planner ahaa! Thanks for sharing (:

    Ashlee |

  8. Such a pretty planner! I’ve always loved using a planner and writing things down. Its just such a better way to get organized!

  9. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your planner, especially the part where you can put your class schedule! It is so helpful. I have so many planners; I may add this one to the collection.

  10. I am a huge planner lover! I have never seen this planner but I will have to check it out next year when I need a new one!!! Great review!

  11. I have a million planners too!! I am always switching them out mid year because I find something cuter! I’ll have to check this one out!

  12. So cute! I love the vision planner! I’ve only recently started using a planner (I was never that organized before) and I will be keeping this one in mind for next year!

  13. Ugh, I need to get me a new planner. The one I’m currently using is one I got at a work conference and is so boring, lol. This one is really cute and I’m just gonna have to check them out and get one 💕💕

  14. That is such a beautiful and useful planner. I particularly love the challenges section, that will help us push ourselves to do more. There are so many lovely stickers that can be used elsewhere or in greeting cards and scrap books as well. Cheers!!

  15. I love planners! This is my first time hearing about bloom planners but it really cute! I have using the Happy Planner but may look into purchasing this one

  16. I had to come back and look at these planners, again, because they are just so cute! My coworker just mentioned that she needs to get herself a new planner, yesterday, so I’m definitely going to show her this post.

  17. Love this! I’m obsessed with planners and am always looking for the perfect one. I’ll have to get one of these when I head back to school in the fall!

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