Saving money while going green- 5 simple changes you can do today

This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own. 

A lot of people think going green is expensive but it can actually save you money! Here are my top ways to save our planet while saving money.I live in Illinois which ranks 10th in least green state and 4th in worst toxic exposure from the EPA (Source).  So yeah I want to make my footprint a little smaller and be the solution instead of the problem.

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My 2017 Planner- bloom Vision Planner

Don’t kill me but I got a new planner! This one is the end all of planners though and it is perfection!

Bloom planners graciously let me pick out a planner from their website to share with all of you! It was a hard choice because they were all amazing! I tried to get one that I thought would be comparable to the oh so famous vertical Erin Condren. The one I receive blew it out of the park!

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