What I’ve Been Loving- Sick Baby Week

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Tinley and I have been sick all week! By sick I mean that baby had snot and who knows what else coming out of her. It was our first real illness so it was overdue. She so graciously passed it on to me as well. I’m feeling a little better today so I thought I would sit down and share a few things I have been loving lately. Read more

How Shoes Can Change Your Whole Outfit

This is guesting posting from Melissa Jellie from Individually Chic

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I never feel like my outfit is finished until I choose my shoes. Shoes determine how my whole day will go: how comfortable my feet will be, my ease of walking, how my outfit is displayed to others. I frequently get compliments on my shoes when I go out and a lot of it has to do with how I show them off. It’s just a matter of what aura I want to give off that day.

To show exactly how they can change the mood, I’m going to show off my shoes simply with a pair of jeans rather than with a whole outfit.

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